Our Story

If you want to hear a story about two real life moms, wives, overachievers, and extreme budgeters making their way thru a world full of chaos then you've come to the right place. We will try to keep this as short as possible but, my oh my, the stories we could tell. While some are completely inappropriate to include here (we have been living our best life while raising kids and maintaining a somewhat normal household) we wanted to tell you a little about us and keep it as real as possible...you want to know how we got started? Well, here is one of those stories that we will only include the PG parts. It all started on a girls trip with some of our most supportive friends. You know, one of those "Us moms have literally been held captive by tiny terrorists while they eat through everything in the house and we need to break loose" kinda trips. Between the nonstop laughter, day-drinking and getting stung by jellyfish (yes that happened) we discovered how much we all truly struggle finding clothes that fit just right, for us and our tiny humans, that are trendy and affordable. We live in a small rural town with a Wal-Mart and ...... well, that's about it. That's when our talks of "what if" and "I have always wanted to" started...fast forward to now and here we are! After many hours, sleepless nights, emails, phone calls, and our extremely supportive families, Bougie Luxe Boutique was created. We are excited to see where this journey takes us, all while wearing and selling the lastest, trendiest, fashion for the family on a budget!